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November 2021

Why have Regular Massage Treatments?

On the day of your massage, you feel warm, looked after, relaxed, sleepy and you wonder why you don’t do this all the time 🙂 That is largely how a massage is supposed to make you feel (although some sports injury types of massage don’t always fall into this description). The muscles are smoothed and softened, the tiny muscles fibres are elongated and relaxed. Great.

As the days go past, you resume all your usual activities, rushing here and there, work or classes, your head fills up with the little things that rule our lives..’remember this event.. Birthdays, work stuff, stuff for the other people in your house maybe, shopping’… busy, busy. You stop focusing of being relaxed and the usual everyday frustrations creep back in.

In an ideal world now is when you should start to listen to your body. Are your teeth clenched, do you do big sighs often, are your shoulders under your ears held with the tension? All of these and many more are the physical signs of the stress on your body. If you allow you body to stay in this state for 6 months..a year, what will happen? Some tangible signs of stress on the body could be headaches, sleeplessness or disturbed sleep patterns, irritability….I am sure you can think of others but of course stiffness and pain in the muscles can be a sign ..a really loud fog horn from your body that it is under stress. Do you listen or just keep going? Do you take time to meditate for example, do you really switch off and relax when you can?

So, the point of having regular massage treatments is to balance or reset. Balancing physical activity with rest and repair. Balancing mental activity, general busyness and stress with rest and repair. Helping your body achieve a relaxed state so that it can work well. Soften the muscle fibres, breathe deeply and fully, allow your mind to drift and lose yourself a little bit, slow the heart rate, be well and resilient.

Some of my regular clients are now retired and I have been seeing them for nearly twenty Years! They are not bored of the treatment, they have watched me grow as a therapist. They value the rest button each and every month apart from when I had to close due to lockdowns and they hated that they couldn’t have their massage for all of those weeks. I have journeyed with them through bereavements, mobility issues, falls, a stroke for one person, general aches and pains and the onset of an older age and a different period in their lives. If the time comes that they can’t make the stairs to my treatment room I will set up a different space for them. We will navigate it all together. Yes we do get stiffer as we get older but it’s my intention to keep people moving and keep the stresses of this life under their own control.

When will you take your first step on this journey of self care?

October – Massage Awareness Month

I am pretty sure everyone is aware of massage therapy, and it’s generally agreed, even by the scientists, that it’s really nice and a good healthy thing to do. So why haven’t we all got a massage therapist like we all have a GP or dentist? I am not suggesting Massage therapy is as medical and I am definitely not suggesting it is life saving, though it would be great if it could be prescribed on the NHS to help the swathes of people trying to manage there stress levels, but generally people know that a massage is good for them but don’t make time to see someone regularly.

So, what is so good about having a massage? Physically there are a number of benefits…softening muscles, promoting good circulation, easing tension, promoting good deep breathing, increasing oxygen to the body, lowering blood pressure, encouraging the release of toxins, promoting good healthy skin… wowsers this does sound good!

But what about the emotional benefits? These are harder to quantify but I will make some suggestions…Human connection, positive touch, the feeling of being looked after, the feeling of being listened to, letting go, drifting away, feeling safe, relaxing, resting….doesn’t this all sound good too? I have had a few of my clients for nearly 20 years, they understand all of the tiny and not so tiny benefits of making massage part of their lives once a month.

To check in and reset or restore. To mull over the ups and downs of life.

Have a very happy and healthy October and as we head into Winter ask yourself what you might gain by taking some regular time out.

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